History of Kyo-ya in Hawaii

Kyo-ya has a storied history in Hawaii. Founded by Kenji Osano in 1960 as a subsidiary of Japan-based Kokusai Kogyo, Kyo-ya Company, Ltd. first established itself in the islands in 1961. Since then, Kyo-ya has been committed to the communities they are in and has reinvested to maintain the original charm and character of these legendary properties on Oahu, Maui and California.


December 1961
Established Kyo-ya Co., Ltd.

January 1962
Purchased Kyo-ya Restaurant in Waikiki

July 1963
Purchased Princess Kaiulani Hotel

December 1963
Purchased Moana Hotel and Surfrider Hotel

May 1969
Constructed and opened the Princess Kaiulani Tower

November 1970
Constructed and opened the Princess Kaiulani Tower

September 1974
Purchased the Royal Hawaiian, Sheraton Waikiki, and Sheraton Maui Hotels from the Sheraton Corporation of America

August 1987
Started restoration of Moana Surfrider Hotel

March 1989
Sheraton Moana Surfrider $50 million restorations completed. Hotel reopened March 29, 1989

August 1989
Started $15 million construction of Kyo-ya Restaurant

February 1991
Re-opened new Kyo-ya Restaurant

February 2004
Renovations to Tower Wing completed at The Royal Hawaiian

November 2004
Renovations to Tower Wing completed at The Royal Hawaiian

September 2006
$1 billion “Inspiration Renewed” project to renovate Sheraton Waikiki, The Royal Hawaiian, Moana Surfrider and Princess Kaiulani begins with rooms renovations at Sheraton Waikiki

June 2007
After renovations, Moana Surfrider is reintroduced as Moana Surfrider, A Westin Resort

November 2007
Beachhouse at the Moana opens

December 2007
RumFire Opens at Sheraton Waikiki

June 2008
Royal Hawaiian closes its doors for $60 million renovation/rebranding

September 2008
International Conference Center of the Pacific is opened at the Sheraton Waikiki

October 2008
Moana Lani Spa, A Heavenly Spa by Westin is opened at the Moana Surfrider Twist at Hanohano opens at Sheraton Waikiki

December 2008
Helumoa Playground at Sheraton Waikiki opens

January 2009
Renovations completed and The Royal Hawaiian, a Luxury Collection Resort, Waikiki opens its doors on January 20th

March 2009
Azure Restaurant opens at The Royal Hawaiian

July 2009
Kai Market opens at Sheraton Waikiki

October 2009
Infinity Edge Pool and Edge of Waikiki opens at Sheraton Waikiki

March 2010
New fitness center opens at The Royal Hawaiian Hotel

September 2010
The Royal Hawaiian Hotel begins extensive room renovations

October 2010
The famed Hanohano Room at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel closes for renovations

January 2011
After a $1 million renovation, the Hanohano Room on the 30th floor of the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel reopens as the Leahi Club Lounge

March 2011
The Royal Hawaiian Hotel’s Royal Beach Tower reopens after a $70 million renovation

April 2011
Charging stations for electric vehicles installed at Sheraton Waikiki

December 2011
Sheraton Maui completes a $6.5-million room renovation

January 2013
Sheraton Maui celebrates its 50th anniversary

February 2013
Moana Surfrider opens the Surfrider Café

April 2013
Sheraton Waikiki opens the GIFT Store

December 2013
Moana Surfrider’s Beach Club opens

January 2014
Sheraton Maui opens Na Hoku Sheraton Club Lounge

July 2014
Sheraton Princess Kaiulani completes lobby renovation and renovations to Pikake Terrace

December 2014
New entrance and bar added to RumFire Waikiki

April 2015
The Royal Hawaiian opens the Mailani Tower and Mailani Lounge; rebrands Malulani Pool

February 2017
The Royal Hawaiian celebrates its 90th anniversary with the opening of the Royal Hawaiian Bakery