Sustainable Hotelier

Kyo-ya Hotels & Resorts is committed to protecting the environment through sustainable business practices, proactive community initiatives and investment in cutting-edge technology to provide our guests with luxurious accommodations and signature service while conserving our precious natural resources.

Kyo-ya Hotels & Resorts believes that economic growth and the well-being of society are inextricably tied to the health of the environment.  This is particularly true in Hawaii, one of the most beautiful, yet fragile destinations on the planet.

Doing the right thing for the environment and for our communities is more important than ever.  Our customers and owners are asking for it. Our guests expect it.  And our associates are passionate about it.  That’s why global citizenship plays a key role in our activities. We aspire to be as respected for these efforts as we are today for our innovation, and our brands.

Both in our hotels and in the communities we serve, Kyo-ya is proud to lead by example in waste reduction, energy efficiency, sustainability education and localized purchasing – all with the goal of protecting the environment and ensuring future generations may enjoy nature at its best.

In 2017, Kyo-ya Hotels & Resorts became the first hotel group in Hawaii to have three oceanfront properties in Waikiki LEED Certified. LEED, which means Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a rating system developed by the United States Green Business Council in 1998 for the design, construction and operation of buildings. In 2016, both the Sheraton Waikiki and The Royal Hawaiian achieved LEED Gold certifications; the following year in 2017, the Moana Surfrider became LEED certified.

Additionally, here are more highlights of Kyo-ya’s sustainability achievements at our properties:

  • Sheraton Waikiki, The Royal Hawaiian, a Luxury Collection Resort, Moana Surfrider, A Westin Resort & Spa, and Sheraton Princess Kaiulani are Energy Star-certified and were recertified in 2011. These four Waikiki properties were recognized by the Hawaii Department of Energy in 2005 for leading the industry in their “green” initiatives, and received an Energy Efficiency Award from Hawaiian Electric Company in 2006 for putting energy-efficiency programs in place.
  • Sheraton Princess Kaiulani ranks second in the country among SPG Resorts for energy efficiency and was Hawaii’s first hotel – and the second building of any kind – to receive the national Energy Star award.
  •  In April 2011, Sheraton Waikiki became one of the first businesses in the state to offer charging stations for electric vehicles.
  • Moana Surfrider, A Westin Resort & Spa, was recognized by the Hawaii Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism in 2009 with the Green Business Award for its innovative “green practices” to help conserve energy, reduce pollution, recycle, and incorporate environmental purchasing into its daily operations.
  • In 2009, Sheraton Waikiki and Kyo-ya Hotels & Resorts, partnered with the Hawai‘i Farm Bureau to support H.B. 1471, which authorized farmers to become food safety certified distributors to local businesses including restaurants, hotels and other hospitality venues.  Enacted by the Legislature, the bill provides funding to develop programs supporting existing and new farmers.  The support of safe food certification of local farms strengthens Hawaii’s economy and encourages agricultural cooperatives.  This was the first initiative in which Hawaii’s tourism industry stepped up to help another major industry, agriculture. Incorporating this bill using an abundance of certified home-grown produce will allow Sheraton Waikiki’s chefs to increase the amount of green products in catering menus while maintaining top-tier restaurant quality offerings for all dining venues within the resort.